Brand & Marketing (Extend)

//Brand & Marketing (Extend)

Brand & Marketing (Extend)


Brand & Marketing (Extend)

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    A white swoosh, a red can, a white apple, multi-coloured letter. They’re the logos of four of the most iconic brands: Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple & Google. Each one of these now giant corporations started their brand as a small company, but what made them grow so large that they exist in the back of our minds? It’s not just the great products each of these companies make, but the logos, commercials, and ideology that make up their brands. We have some brand & marketing idea for your business, consult us today!

    Establish strong brand awareness to public.

    ☛ Logo design
    ☛ Slogan suggestion
    ☛ Full set stationary concept (Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Powerpoint Theme Template, Desktop & Mobile Wallpapers)
    ☛ Brand Book
    ☛ Marketing visual concept

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